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Pour Monsieur Chanel cologne - a fragrance for men 1955

Pour Monsieur Chanel cologne - a fragrance for men 1955

Date: 2017-06-20 21:23

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Creed is a beast and I like it more than Bond Scent of peace because of what people hate about it. The smoke gives it an edge over Bond no. 9. The fruit note hides behind it but that what makes it to me a men fragrance.

Aventus Creed cologne - a fragrance for men 2010

Couldn't stand by listening to all the Aventus-talk without ever trying it. So I bought a sample and something happened. I'd sampled dozens and dozens of other scents, a lot of them expensive niché, but this, this was something else. Already bought a second sample and the craving to acquire a full bottle is now always in the back of my mind. God damn you Aventus!


I highly suggest getting a decant of aventus of the specific batch you want, rather than paying $865 for retail bottle that probably is one of the overly smoky batches. As for the people that say there is no difference in batches, you probably havent smelled enough different ones because there is no just minor but major differences in creeds, especially aventus. Its a pain but i love creed frags so much i overlook the steep prices and batch disparities.

Ordered a 65ml decant of this recently, and I must say it's a great quality fragrance. The mixture of the smoky birch and the sweetness of the pineapple, blending with a myriad of other fruity notes and what I presume is the oakmoss leads to a very fascinating fragrance.

That being said. the sheer price of this juice, and the amount of inconsistency in regards to scent / longevity between batches means that I realistically will not be buying a full bottle of this. It's a shame, but it looks like I will stick to buying the occasional decant whilst exploring other options.

Esse é impressionante, muito, mas muito bom mesmo. Elegante e masculino. Perfeito pra quem busca elegancia, autenticidade. Me surpreendeu pela qualidade, acho incrivel mesmo. O melhor perfume masculino que já experimentei.

Very close to armaf club the nuit intense! But for me i prefer armaf because it smell a little bit and fruity. No reason to spend 855 dollars for this fragrance it is not a "WOW i can't live without it" it's a mature masculine fragrance ideal for managers! i am not impressed but definetely a good scent for 85 - 55 years old men.

I mixed Aventus and Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather and agree that Aventus does tone down the full on leather overload and add some sweetness to the fragrance.
At drydown stage it compares quite closely to Byredo's Black Saffron to has a more distinguishable raspberry note though.

Esse perfume é sucesso certo. Cheiro bem masculino.
Um dos melhores ou talvez o melhor perfume que já experimentei.
Obra prima de verdade!

Aroma: 65/65
Fixacao: 8/65
Projecao: 8/65

one of the best out there..period..attention seekers gotta get a whiff of this cuz it get everyones attention when i wear it out..great on da skin but even better sprayed on leather cuz the pineapple note will keep comin back to life on ya...literally smelld almost just as great the day after i srayed some on...creed did a wonder to us all with this concoction..

Aventus revisited. I tested it on myself and still liked it but against the Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis, which has a fair amount of aldehydes, Aventus smelled very blue, which was surprising given how fruity it smells in comparison to, say, Imperiale.

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